High Accuracy

Long Life


And Exporter

Exact Measuring And

Recording Of Various Oils
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High Accuracy

Long Life


And Exporter

Exact Measuring And

Recording Of Various Oils

Positive Displacement Flow Meter 1″

  • Positive Displacement Reciprocating Piston Type Mechanism
  • Size = 1″x 1″ BSP
  • Accuracy = ±0.1%,
  • Capacity = 1-90 LPM
  • Pressure=5 PSI to 50 PSI,
  • Weight = 33 kg
  • Max. Displaying Capacity: 9999.9 (5-digit resettable counter)
  • Totalizer:9999999 (Non- Resettable 7 Digit totalizer)
  • Operating Temp: 0° to 82°C


EAST-MAN Positive Displacement Flow Meter 1″

EAST-MAN Positive Displacement Flow Meter is positive displacement, reciprocating piston type flow meter, designed for high sustained accuracy and continuous volumetric measurement of any non corrosive liquid flowing through a pipeline. Especially suited to check the exact receipt, transfer, consumption, dispensing, mixing, packaging of oil/liquids. This unit is widely adaptable to other various types of services. It will not freeze or get air locked to and does not require more attention than any other ordinary type of meter or equipment.
Advanced manufacturing techniques, dimensional accuracy, rigid C.I. body, low noise, cost effective and foremost indigenously built make EAST-MAN petroleum metering unit exceptionally reliable.
We are highly acknowledged organization engaged in presenting remarkable range of Petroleum Metering Unit 1″ BSP.


  • 5 Digit (9999.9) Current Reading Resettable through Reset Knob
  • 7 Digit (9999999) Non Resettable Totaliser




In Built Mechanical Calibration Knob. Always calibrate the meter with the same liquid the meter has to measure.To obtain the maximum accuracy & efficiency, the meter should be tested at regular intervals, and recalibrate if required.




EAST-MAN Positive Displacement Flow Meter is the most successful and leader in mobile fuel dispensing application, giving years of successful and maintenance free performance. It is widely used in truck flow meter applications giving accurate deliveries for years.

Technical Information

Applicative Range: Diesel, Kerosene & any Non-Corrosive Liquid

Flow Rate: 1-90 LPM

Accuracy: 0.1%

Size: 1″ x 1” BSP

Max. Displaying Capacity (Current Reading): 9999.9 (5-Digit)

Accumulative Capacity (Totaliser Reading): 99999999 (8-Digit)

Rated Working Pressure: 50 PSI

Operating Temperature: 0-80 deg C

Max. Viscocity: 120 centistokes (eq. to Raw Honey)

Weight: 33 Kg (approx.)

Meter: Reciprocating Type PD

Calibration: Mechanical through calibration knob

Least Count: 100ml

Body: C.I.

Sleeves: Stainless Steel

Pistons: Teflon

Seat: Gun Metal

Valve: C.I.

Seal: Viton




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